Realistic achievable results

You have a chance to improve the quality of your health...allow me to guide you in achieving that!


Your body is the best and most effective tool you can use as resistance


I have trained people and guided them to reach their goals for the past 15 years…through my experience I have found that Functional Training and Muscle Confusion, combined with body weight training, core stability and balance will not only sculpt your physique and burn fat more rapidly, but will  improve the way that your body functions in every day life.

My passion is seeing you succeed


During your complimentary consultation I will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and by using this information I will guide you on the right path


Your training program will be changed constantly…new and exciting exercises will continuously challenge your body to make sure you never hit a plateau


You will achieve results when combining a good balance of nutrition and hard work in the studio

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Dumbells / Barbells
Dumbells / Barbells
Balance equipment / Tyres
Balance equipment / Tyres
Suspension ropes
Suspension ropes
Medicine balls / Slam balls
Medicine balls / Slam balls
Elastic bands
Elastic bands
Boxing Bags & Sand bags
Boxing Bags & Sand bags


Whether your goal is fat loss, toning, sport specific, core strength, flexibility or just general health...together we can turn your goals into reality!

Break the boundaries of your health and fitness level by introducing functional training!


I provide fun and challenging workouts that push your body to it’s limits

My Services
Personal Training R190/R170 per session

1 on 1 Training is specialised and individualized to accommodate your specific fitness level. It’s a great way of pushing yourself to the limit without any other distractions around…its just you and me and the next set!

Couple Training R115 pp/session

Couple training is designed for you to train with a friend, spouse or colleague. It creates a healthy competitiveness that can push you both a little bit further.

Group Training R85 pp/class

Group Training is loads of fun yet very challenging. Groups ( Bootcamp classes ) will consist of 3 – 4 people in a class and class structure and programs can range from upper body, lower body, functional training (upper and lower combined), flexibility, core workouts and cardio power .

Pilates R150 / R200 per session

Pilates is designed to strengthen core stability, improve balance and flexibility and correct posture.  The sessions consist of mat work, therabands, medicine balls, dumbbells and foam rollers. A good balance of core strength and flexibility is covered in each session. By working on these elements, improved body function is assured. 1 0n 1 sessions OR couple sessions on offer.



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